4 Things To Know About Planning A Cremation


The days after a loved one passes can seem surreal; most people feel shock and grief as they process their loss. If you need to plan a funeral for a loved one, it can be very difficult for a trying time. When a loved one expressed in life that he or she prefers cremation over being buried, it is important to know your options. Continue reading to learn more about planning a cremation service for a loved one:

5 December 2017

Make A Basket Of Supportive Offers To Give A Mourner At The Cremation Service


Going to a cremation service to support a grieving loved one can be difficult, but it is not nearly as hard as being the mourner. It's important to plan to be as supportive as possible when your loved one is grieving. One way that you can show how much you care is to make a basket of supportive offers to give your loved one at the cremation service. Here's how to create one that will be helpful and comforting for the mourner.

11 April 2017

The Do's And Don'ts Of Commemorating Plan Your Epitaph Day


Plan Your Epitaph Day is an actual holiday that may sound a bit morbid when you first hear about it. However, it's actually a great holiday because it can raise awareness about the importance of making your own final plans so loved ones aren't burdened with such decisions during what is sure to be an extremely difficult time in their lives. You can then choose whether you want the epitaph on a traditional headstone, unique monument for cremains, or a plaque in a mausoleum like the one represented at http://www.

5 April 2017

Understanding A Few Important Facts About Cremation


If a loved one has recently passed away, then you need to make some tough decisions. If you know that your loved one wanted to be cremated, then there are a few things that you should know about the cremation process. Keep reading to learn about a few. Embalming May Not Be Necessary You are probably aware that bodies need to be prepared before cremation and burial. Traditionally, burials are carried out after the body is embalmed.

31 March 2017

Four Types Of Funeral Arrangements And How They Will Affect The Timing Of The Funeral Service


Whether you're planning your own funeral or that of a loved one, it's always a good idea to keep in mind the timeline of the funeral process. If there are a lot of family members who are expected to attend the funeral but live far away, you will have to make allowances for that. And that means choosing a burial option that allows several days for travel before the funeral service takes place.

29 March 2017

Four Ways To Save Money On Funeral Expenses


When it comes to giving your loved one the proper sendoff, you may not feel comfortable with trying to save money. However, you may find that the dearly departed did not leave money behind for a funeral, or he or she might have felt strongly about not spending a lot of money on the services and burial. Fortunately, there are several ways you can control the costs of the funeral and service while still creating a memorable tribute to your loved one.

16 March 2017

The Dos And Don'ts Of Making A DVD Of A Cremation Service


In the aftermath of a loved one's death, you will likely have to make a lot of decisions about how to best honor their memory. When you put a great deal of work into planning a cremation service that celebrates a life well lived, you may want to document it by hiring a videographer and planning a small DVD release for those who were close to the deceased person. Follow these dos and don'ts when making a DVD of the cremation service.

13 March 2017

Considering A Graveside Funeral Service? Here Are Some Elements To Include


Many families favor a graveside funeral service as an intimate way to say goodbye to their recently deceased loved one. This event can exclusively involve family members and may take place in addition to a larger service held at a funeral home that is open to members of the public, or it may simply be the only funeral service that is held. If you've decided to move forward with a graveside service, it's important to understand that the service can follow any outline you create; there's no "

9 March 2017

The Dos And Don'ts Of Having A Cremation Service In A Church


A cremation service that's held in a church can be a beautiful way of saying good-bye to a lost loved one. It can help you meet challenges you may face when making decisions about how to handle someone's final plans, and it can help mourners in ways you don't yet imagine. According to The New York Times, cremation services are becoming more popular than traditional funeral and burial services, and there are many reasons why this trend continues to rise.

6 March 2017

3 Things No One Tells You About Cremation Services


Cremation services are more popular than ever, and it's projected that this trend will continue to grow. There are many reasons that people choose cremation over traditional funeral and burial services. Whether you are consideration a cremation service as part of pre-planning your final affairs or making decisions for a lost loved one, there are things you've probably not yet heard about a cremation service. Consider these things no one tells you about cremation services.

6 March 2017