4 Things To Know About Planning A Cremation


The days after a loved one passes can seem surreal; most people feel shock and grief as they process their loss. If you need to plan a funeral for a loved one, it can be very difficult for a trying time. When a loved one expressed in life that he or she prefers cremation over being buried, it is important to know your options. Continue reading to learn more about planning a cremation service for a loved one:

Contact a Funeral Home

After your loved one passes, contact a funeral home as soon as you can. A reputable funeral home can take care of many details, such as having the body transported from the hospital, morgue, or home. Working with a funeral home from the beginning will make the process as easy as it can be during a difficult time. Since cremation has become an increasingly popular choice, the vast majority of funeral homes are able to plan cremation services.

You Can Have a Visitation and Open-Casket Funeral

If your loved one made it known that he or she wanted to be cremated after death, you can still plan an open-casket visitation and funeral. The funeral home that you work with can help you make arrangements for these events. You will be able to choose the time and place, and the employees at the funeral home will prepare the body for the services.

Purchasing an Expensive Casket is Not Necessary

Caskets range from simple wooden models to very ornate models made of a variety of metals and materials. When you're planning a cremation for a loved one, there is no need to purchase an expensive casket. If you want to hold an open-casket viewing and funeral, most funeral homes will be able to rent you a coffin for the duration of the services. You can then opt to purchase an inexpensive casket to hold your loved one's body during the cremation process.

Choosing What to Do with the Cremains

After the cremation is completed, you will need to decide what you and your family wish to do with the cremains. During the funeral planning process, you can select an urn for the cremains; there are many beautiful urns that can hold cremains and be placed in a place of honor in your home. You also have the option of placing the cremains in a small tomb in a cemetery of your choosing. If you're loved one had a favorite place, you may consider scattering some of the cremains in the place that he or she loved best. 

Contact a service, like American Cremation Society, for more help.


5 December 2017

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