The Do's And Don'ts Of Commemorating Plan Your Epitaph Day


Plan Your Epitaph Day is an actual holiday that may sound a bit morbid when you first hear about it. However, it's actually a great holiday because it can raise awareness about the importance of making your own final plans so loved ones aren't burdened with such decisions during what is sure to be an extremely difficult time in their lives. You can then choose whether you want the epitaph on a traditional headstone, unique monument for cremains, or a plaque in a mausoleum like the one represented at

Commemorate Plan Your Epitaph Day on either of its recorded dates (April 6 or November 2) by visiting the funeral home where you want to make your final plans. Next, make official decisions about the epitaph you want on your tombstone. When you join in others who are doing the same on this holiday, you can feel a sense of joining a group who are making positive choices for themselves and their family.

Do Choose Your Titles

One of the most important part of picking your own epitaph is deciding the roles you fill that mean the most to you. It is common for a woman's tombstone to read "mother, wife, daughter". A man's gravestone may refer to him as a "father, husband, son". The basic roles one plays in a family aren't the only titles available, though. The inscription on your gravestone can also include roles you enjoyed in life, so you may also refer to yourself as a hiker, actor, dancer, analyst, firefighter, or any other way that you love being.

Don't Be Afraid of Future Changes

If you are a young person who anticipates later becoming a parent and then a grandparent, you may worry about making epitaph choices before you are technically able to add these labels to your epitaph. The good news, however, is that final plans are flexible. The "final" in final plans refers to the fact that they are for the last business of a person's life, but you can actually change your final plans at any time.

Do Encourage Others to Commemorate the Day, Too

One of the good things about choosing words for your gravestone on Plan Your Epitaph Day is that this holiday gives you the perfect opportunity to talk about a subject that may otherwise feel taboo. Instagram posts about final plans aren't exactly the norm. However, when you start the conversation by talking about the offbeat holiday and how you are spending it, you can start a conversation that encourages others to make great choices on Plan Your Epitaph Day.

Finally, Plan Your Epitaph Day is a good opportunity to take actions to plan your own epitaph. Doing so is sure to give you the peace of mind that comes with having this important part of your final plans completed. When you have planned for the inevitable, you can focus on living life to the fullest and appreciating all the moments you have.


5 April 2017

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