Four Types Of Funeral Arrangements And How They Will Affect The Timing Of The Funeral Service


Whether you're planning your own funeral or that of a loved one, it's always a good idea to keep in mind the timeline of the funeral process. If there are a lot of family members who are expected to attend the funeral but live far away, you will have to make allowances for that. And that means choosing a burial option that allows several days for travel before the funeral service takes place. Here are four types of funeral arrangements and how they can affect the timeline (and the potential traveling time) before the service.

1. Traditional in-ground burial

A traditional burial includes embalming, which allows several days before the remains must be laid to rest. This option is workable if some relatives live far away; however, you must plan to have the funeral service within approximately 1 week from the time of death.

2. Cremation

Cremation is an option that can reduce some of the urgency of having the funeral right away. This is because if you don't choose to have a viewing at the service, you can have the funeral service separately from the cremation itself. This means that the cremation can happen right away (called "direct cremation") and then the funeral service can be arranged later, after you've managed to get in contact with all the relatives and discuss travel plans with them.

3. Alkaline electrolysis 

Sometimes known as green cremation, this type of funeral arrangement is not technically a cremation process. The main similarity between the two is that they both produce ashes (or "cremains"). Instead of using heat, this process uses an alkaline solution to reduce the remains to ashes. However, like cremation, it can help you separate the process from the funeral service itself, meaning you have more time to allow relatives to travel to the area.

4. Natural burial

Natural burial eschews not only non-renewable resources such as metal caskets and concrete grave liners, but also chemicals such as those used in embalming. Instead of embalming, you can use refrigeration (if you can find a funeral home that has the facilities to do so). However, refrigeration is not as long lasting as embalming; this method only gives you about two days before you have to have a funeral.

These four types of funeral arrangements are the main ones used in America today. Cremation and traditional burial are the most popular forms of funerals, although natural burial is gaining ground quickly. You'll have to weigh your priorities against each other; for example, if you want an eco-friendly burial but also want to have plenty of time for everybody to get to it, you might wish to use alkaline electrolysis.

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29 March 2017

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