Choose A Granite Monument For Your Gravesite


Most people do not know much about headstones, grave markers, and monuments until they need them. Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge makes choosing the right one difficult. Monuments come in many different materials designed to last forever, but some materials are better than others. Granite is one of the best stones on the market for this type of task. Here are a few reasons why.


Granite comes in a wide variety of colors. You can find the stone in shades of white, pink, and gray. Each stone is unique in appearance.

Although there may be other monuments in the graveyard made out of the same color stone, each will differ by the natural variations within the stone. One stone may have flecks of blue or gold, while others may have flecks of green and lighter grays. 

Long Lasting

Granite is one of the longest-lasting stones you can choose. The ancient Egyptians used granite to create some of the monuments still being unearthed today. 

Granite does not erode, shatter, or stain. Your monument will resist deterioration and discoloration from one season to the next. It is an excellent stone to use underneath trees that cause staining on other materials. 

Easy Upkeep

It is easy to clean if your monument becomes dirty and accumulates moss, sap, bird droppings, or lichens. Because of the stone's natural composition, a little soap, water, and a cleaning cloth will do the job. 

Easy To Work With

When choosing gravestones or monuments, you want to select a stone that will be easy for the engraver to work with. The easier the stone is to work with, the cheaper the customization becomes. 

Granite is the perfect choice for many different types of customizations. You can choose many different ways to have your monument customized. Some of these include the following:

  • Etched
  • Engraved
  • Laser-etched
  • Sandblasted

Granite is also the perfect canvas for airbrushing, which can add additional individuality and uniqueness to your stone. Your customizations will remain clear and readable for many years, marking the grave they are on and providing a wealth of information for generations to come.


Granite monuments are affordable compared to some other types of monuments on the market. The cost varies based on your monument's size and customization choices. 

But remember, you are creating a unique work of art that will possibly last hundreds of years.

For more information about monuments, contact a local funeral home. 


28 November 2022

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