The Dos And Don'ts Of Making A DVD Of A Cremation Service


In the aftermath of a loved one's death, you will likely have to make a lot of decisions about how to best honor their memory. When you put a great deal of work into planning a cremation service that celebrates a life well lived, you may want to document it by hiring a videographer and planning a small DVD release for those who were close to the deceased person. Follow these dos and don'ts when making a DVD of the cremation service.

Do Hire a Professional Videographer

When you aim to make a DVD of the cremation service, take the time to think of the big and small details a lot. Create room in your budget to hire a professional videographer to capture the cremation service. This should not be a relative who has any personal attachment to the loved one, but should rather be a professional videographer who can record the event without being distracted by other goings-on. A professional videographer will be able to capture unique moments that others simply couldn't. 

Don't Capture Much Footage of Attendees

When going to a cremation service, most people may not be focused on what to wear beyond putting on black or the deceased person's favorite color. It is not the right time to be capturing a lot of people up close and personal. The videographer should take care to avoid getting a lot of personal footage of any one person. Although it is necessary to include some attendees in footage, nobody should be the focus of the memorial DVD except your lost loved one.

Do Extend Beyond the Cremation Service

When you are making the DVD of the cremation service, one thing you should remember is that you don't want to stick to just raw footage of the service itself. It should focus on the life that your lost loved one lived and what makes the person so special. You may choose to narrate some of the DVD or include photographs that you record.

Finally, keep in mind that making a DVD of the cremation service can be a great gift to your fellow mourners. You may give copies to people who attended who want to have a copy to keep in memory of the lost loved one, and you may also choose to make copies of the DVD for those who simply could not attend the cremation service. It can help people remember your loved one and feel closer to the person by having a part of their last good-bye.


13 March 2017

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