3 Things No One Tells You About Cremation Services


Cremation services are more popular than ever, and it's projected that this trend will continue to grow. There are many reasons that people choose cremation over traditional funeral and burial services. Whether you are consideration a cremation service as part of pre-planning your final affairs or making decisions for a lost loved one, there are things you've probably not yet heard about a cremation service. Consider these things no one tells you about cremation services.

This Kind of Memorial Service Can Be Held Any Time

You don't have to have a cremation service within a week of a loved one's passing. Although traditional funerals are held within a matter of days after someone dies, a cremation service may be held weeks, months, or, in some rare cases, years after a person passes away. A cremation service doesn't rely on the preservation of the body since it is typically cremated soon after death, so that allows for a lot more flexibility with the time frame of the service.

Not Every Cremation Service Will Include the Scattering of Ashes

When you imagine a cremation service in your mind, you may envision everyone gathering around and releasing the revered ashes of a lost loved one. However, not every cremation service even includes the presence of someone's ashes. Sometimes people opt to include only a fraction of the ashes at the cremation service, and they may not be scattered at all. Some people choose to have the ashes buried or placed elsewhere after the conclusion of the cremation service.

A Cremation Service Can Be a Cheaper Alternative to a Funeral

As the only Cyndi Lauper song goes, money changes everything. It's an unfortunate truth, but not everybody has the funds required for the elaborate funeral they would like to give themselves or a loved one. However, a cremation service can be cheaper than traditional funeral and burial services. It may save you thousands of dollars that could be instead spent on keeping the person's legacy alive through a charity donation, scholarship for the person's child, or other meaningful endeavor.

Finally, keep in mind that there are as many reasons that people choose cremation services as there are for people opting for traditional funerals. There is no one-size-fits-all description that summarizes what someone should choose. Different things work best for different situations. If in doubt, you may want to consult the funeral home director where you are making final plans to decide which service will best meet your needs.


6 March 2017

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