The Dos And Don'ts Of Having A Cremation Service In A Church


A cremation service that's held in a church can be a beautiful way of saying good-bye to a lost loved one. It can help you meet challenges you may face when making decisions about how to handle someone's final plans, and it can help mourners in ways you don't yet imagine.

According to The New York Times, cremation services are becoming more popular than traditional funeral and burial services, and there are many reasons why this trend continues to rise. If you decide that a chapel cremation service is the best way to hold the memorial service for your loved one, consider these dos and don'ts while honoring your loved one in this way  

Do Discuss the Role That Faith Played in the Person's Life

When you choose to have a church cremation service, you should not ignore the location of the service. Talk about why you chose this religious setting and what faith meant to the person who passed away. Whether it was an ever-present force in all their life's decisions or something that comforted in times of loss, talking about faith can help tie different aspects of the cremation service together.

Don't Defend Your Decisions During the Service

Unfortunately, cremation services are sometimes misunderstood, and having them in a church can further confuse some people who are eager to judge. While there are myths that cremation shouldn't be done for Christians, multiple religious leaders have longed explained that nothing in the Bible suggests that cremation is disrespectful. Whatever reasons people may have for judging your decision to have a church cremation service, don't directly address these judgments during the service.  

Do Be Inclusive of All Mourners

Having the cremation service in a church doesn't mean that you are leaving out loved ones of different faiths. Make an effort to ensure that mourners of all faiths feel especially welcomed at a chapel cremation service. You may plan to address all mourners with your introduction, specifically addressing the faith of the deceased person while also discussing the loved ones they leave behind and how the person respected diversity of faith while following their own beliefs.

Don't let doubters in your family or negative comments from people who might misunderstand sway your decision. Make decisions about whether to have a cremation service in a church based on what would be best for your loved one and those who were closest to the person. 

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6 March 2017

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