Make A Basket Of Supportive Offers To Give A Mourner At The Cremation Service


Going to a cremation service to support a grieving loved one can be difficult, but it is not nearly as hard as being the mourner. It's important to plan to be as supportive as possible when your loved one is grieving. One way that you can show how much you care is to make a basket of supportive offers to give your loved one at the cremation service. Here's how to create one that will be helpful and comforting for the mourner.

What You'll Need:

  • Blank Paper or Stationery
  • Decorative Envelopes
  • Pen
  • Small, Enclosed Basket

What the Basket of Supportive Offers Is

A basket of supportive offers for the mourner is simple. You write offers in the form of short, sweet letters. These are essentially "coupons" that the mourner can exchange for actual favors and shows of support from you. Make at least a dozen of them, then place them in a small, enclosed basket. Present them to the mourner at the funeral, with a small prepared speech about your sincerity in making the offers, how you expect the person to redeem them, and how much you care.

Some offers you may make include:

  • Walking the dog every day for an entire week.
  • Taking your loved one out for a spa day.
  • Being there to listen for a long marathon session where the person talks about their grief.
  • Providing a ride to grief counseling every day for three months.
  • Taking the kids for an entire day out so the person can get some "me" time.

No matter what you choose to offer, you want to only make offers that you can keep. While stuff happens, you want to make offers that you can be reasonably sure you will fulfill.

What to Do

Consider what the mourner needs the most during this difficult time. While some people need a lot of space from their kids while they grieve, others want to be with them every moment. You need to take into consideration how the person is grieving and what they truly need. If in doubt, ask. Rather than find that intrusive, most people who are grieving get a lot of offers that people don't mean, so knowing that you are genuinely asking for what you can truly do can mean a lot to your loved one.

Finally, making this basket is simple in theory, but it takes a lot of creativity and personal commitment. Try to be generous with your offers but not to the point where they become too burdensome. If you take on too much, you may burn out, which would be harmful for both you and your loved one. Have fun with the offers, yet make sure they are reasonable and doable. That way, you can be there for your loved one while taking great care of yourself, too. Work with the funeral home, such as Union Funeral Home-Lytwyn & Lytwyn, when planning the cremation.


11 April 2017

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