5 Options For Memorial Services When The Deceased Elected To Be Cremated


If you are planning the memorial service of a loved one or are pre-planning your own services and have decided on cremation as your preferred method of disposal of remains, you may think that you have limited options when it comes to displaying the remains at the memorial service. You may be surprised to learn that you have similar options to others that have elected for burial as opposed to cremation.  

Viewing and Visitation

It is possible to have an open casket viewing or visitation before a cremation is completed. This can be a helpful way for the loved ones of the deceased to say goodbye to the body of the deceased. It can also help individuals come to terms with the fact that their loved one has died. 

If a viewing is completed soon after death, it may be possible to view the remains with minimal presentation or restoration. However, if the memorial is held several days after death or after a severe accident, embalming and restoration of the remains may need to be completed before conducting a viewing. 

Additionally, a private visitation can often be completed without the purchase of an elaborate casket

Closed Casket Service 

You will also have the option to conduct a closed casket memorial service before the remains are cremated. This can be helpful if the loved ones feel the need for a traditional funeral service for closure. For a closed casket memorial service, you will likely want to purchase an ornamental casket to hold the body of the deceased. You will also want to consider displaying photographs and other memorabilia to help loved ones remember and say goodbye to the departed. 

Display of Urn and Photographs 

If the remains need to be cremated quickly, due to financial reasons, or if the family simply does not wish to have a viewing or visitation, then it is possible to have a memorial service displaying the remains in a decorative urn after cremation. This can be a good choice if the memorial service will be held several weeks after the death of the deceased. It also increases your options for the location of the memorial service including remote destinations in nature and destinations that you may have to fly to.  

Displaying the urn at a memorial service allows loved ones to see the final resting place of the deceased, which may help them come to terms with their loss.

Display of Only Photographs 

If you and your loved ones hold a belief that the body loses its importance after death, you may be interested in holding a memorial service without displaying the remains of the deceased at all. Displaying photographs or a film commemorating the deceased's life will allow their loved ones to concentrate on remembering the impact that the departed had while they were alive as opposed to concentrating on their death. 

Committal Service

Besides arranging a viewing or visitation and a memorial service, you may wish to arrange a committal service during which loved ones place the remains of the deceased in their final resting place. For burials, committal services are held in the cemetery directly before the burial. If you are arranging to bury the cremated remains, the cemetery will likely be able to accommodate a committal service. Alternatively, you can hold a committal service when you spread your loved one's ashes or when the remains are placed in their permanent place at home. 

Choosing cremation does not limit your choices in regards to the types of viewings or memorial services that can be held in honor of the deceased. It is important to plan for these services with your funeral coordinator and family. Go to websites for funeral homes for more information on planning different types of services.


4 September 2015

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My beloved paternal grandmother passed away almost 4 years ago. Before her death, this special woman suffered many months due to a fatal lung disease. After her passing, her large extended family wanted to celebrate her unique life with an elaborate funeral service. They chose to work with the funeral home staff to decorate the funeral venue with things she loved. Because she enjoyed fishing, a large floral arrangement in the shape of a fish was purchased. Also, the family bought a floral cross to illustrate her devotion to her faith. On this blog, you will discover how to work with a funeral home staff on decorations at the funeral service venue.