5 Tips For Planning A Funeral While Grieving


Planning a funeral is never easy, but it's much more difficult when you lose a close loved one and are in the midst of painful grief. You may wish you could simply curl up under the covers and hide from the world, but instead you need to make important decisions regarding the finances and logistics of the funeral. Here are five tips for making this task as easy on yourself as possible:

29 November 2016

Jewish People With Catholic Spouses: Here Are Your Options When Choosing A Final Resting Place


If you practice Judaism and your spouse is Catholic, both of your religions have certain ceremonies that are expected to be followed in times of celebration and in times of sorrow. You've likely had to come up with some creative solutions to keep the whole family happy on holidays or special occasions, such as births in the family.  At some point in time, though, you'll be faced with another obstacle -- where you and your spouse will be laid to rest when your time on Earth comes to an end.

18 May 2016

5 Options For Memorial Services When The Deceased Elected To Be Cremated


If you are planning the memorial service of a loved one or are pre-planning your own services and have decided on cremation as your preferred method of disposal of remains, you may think that you have limited options when it comes to displaying the remains at the memorial service. You may be surprised to learn that you have similar options to others that have elected for burial as opposed to cremation.

4 September 2015