The Benefits Of Laying Out Funeral Pre-Arrangements Before You Die


You may have specific wishes that you want to be included with your final services. You could have certain prayers that you want said. You also may have preferences in what kind of music that you want to be played at your service.

Rather than entrust your friends and family to remember what your preferences are, you can lay them out and put them in writing well before you actually pass away. You can benefit by specifying and paying for funeral pre-arrangements prior to your death.

Putting in Writing

When you make funeral pre-arrangements with a funeral home where you live, you can put in writing exactly what you would like done at your final services. The director that you consult with can write down your plans. He or she can stipulate what these plans are in a formal contract that you can sign with the funeral home and then keep on record there.

When you eventually pass away, you can specify this funeral home to carry out your final services. The director will refer to the plans that you had put in writing. He or she can make sure that the stipulations in your funeral pre-arrangement are carried out according to your wishes.

Paying Ahead of Time

When you make funeral pre-arrangements, you can also pay off your final services and keep a receipt to prove that they are paid in full. You can file this receipt or give a copy to your loved ones. They will know that your funeral services are covered and that they owe nothing for your funeral.

With that, you spare your loved ones the burden of having to pay for your funeral out of their own pockets. They may not have the thousands of dollars needed to cover your final plans. You also may not want them to have to use your life insurance or money in your estate to cover your funeral's price tag.

Finally, your funeral pre-arrangements can include plans for where you would like to be laid to rest. Gravesites can be in high demand where you live. You can reserve your space ahead of time with funeral pre-arrangements.

Funeral pre-arrangements can serve a number of purposes. It gives you the chance to specify how you would like your final services executed. You can also spare your family the financial burden and purchase a plot in a cemetery to be laid to rest. 


2 March 2021

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