Pros And Cons Of Scattering A Loved One's Cremated Remains


A common way to deal with the cremated remains of a recently deceased loved one is to scatter them in an area of significance. In many cases, the person will have chosen an area before his or her passing, but if this hasn't occurred, you and your family members can commonly come up with an appropriate location. If your departed family member specified that a scattering ceremony was what he or she wanted, you'll want to follow through. However, if the person didn't make this wish and you've considering scattering the remains, it's a good idea to first weigh the pros and cons. Here are some to discuss.

Pro: The Ceremony Can Be Cathartic

When you and your family members visit a special outdoor area and scatter your deceased loved one's remains from the urn, the process can be highly cathartic for all of you. Although everyone grieves in different ways, the feeling of letting your loved one go can bring you comfort and peace during an otherwise emotional and challenging time.

Con: There Isn't A Permanent Memorial Spot

One of the main reasons to place your loved one's cremated remains in a columbarium or even bury them in the ground is that you'll have a designated memorial spot that you can visit and pay your respects. This is similar to how you might feel when you arrange to have a loved one buried. When you scatter your family member's cremated remains, the permanency of this memorial spot is lacking. While you can indeed visit the area in the years ahead, there's no monument to the person — and this might be difficult for you.

Pro: It's Affordable

Scattering a loved one's remains after cremation is arguably the most affordable thing that you can do with them. Burying them in a cemetery plot has an associated cost, as does placing them in a columbarium at a cemetery or on the property of your church. When you choose to scatter the remains, there's no cost that you need to incur beyond the cost of the gas for driving to the location.

Con: The Ceremony Can Sometimes Have Complications

Although it happens in only a small percentage of scattering ceremonies, it's possible for complications to arise that affect your memories of this special moment. For example, a sudden gust of wind can sometimes carry the cremated remains in a direction that you don't want — in extreme examples, they may even blow back against people in the group.

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23 February 2018

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