Integrating Pop Culture Into A Funeral — Some Do's And Dont's


When it comes to planning a funeral, one key element is bringing in the personality and interests of the deceased loved one. But not all interests seem well suited to include at a serious occasion like a funeral. What can you do then? Should you ignore a more light-hearted or seemingly incongruous pop culture hobby or fandom? Or can you include it in a meaningful way? Here are a few do's and don'ts to achieve the right balance. 

Do Include Quotes. Most pop culture franchises offer a rich source of quotes that would be very appropriate for a funeral or memorial, no matter their original context. A quote about love, friendship, death, remembrance, or heart would be an excellent way to greet guests or would look wonderful on a memorial flower stand. 

Don't Go Overboard. While it's a sweet idea to include references and motifs related to the person's pop culture hobbies, avoid going overboard with them. Consult with the family and closest friends before deciding how much to include or not. Funerals are also for surviving family members, and these may not appreciate a cape-laden superhero-themed funeral service. 

Do Use Colors and Shapes. If you want to be subtle with the pop culture references, look for colors, shapes, and motifs to use. Have some mouse ears included in a Disney fan's floral wreath or incorporate blue and red in a Superman fan's tributes. What about framing the program in the style of a comic book's squares? Or add an anime fan's favorite character in silhouette on the back cover. These homages are subtle enough not to offend, but they celebrate the fan's interests.

Don't Overlook Other Events. Whether you include pop culture references in the memorial or not, you can always do other, more obvious tributes outside the funeral itself. Plan a trip to Disneyland in their honor. Gift charm bracelets from their fandom. Or hold a reception at a themed restaurant. Unofficial events and gatherings are yours to do with as you think the person would have wanted. 

Do Give to Related Charities. Many people ask for donations to a favorite charity in lieu of flowers and condolences. This is a wonderful and meaningful way to bring in the person's personal hobbies and values. Choose a charity they supported or one that's part of the fan community they enjoyed, such as the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund or Pop Culture Classroom. 

Where to Learn More

Want more ideas on how to honor your loved one by including their fan interests in their memorial? Start by meeting with the staff at a funeral home near you. With their expertise in crafting memorials for people of all types, they can guide you to finding the perfect balance.  


23 March 2022

Decorating a Funeral Venue

My beloved paternal grandmother passed away almost 4 years ago. Before her death, this special woman suffered many months due to a fatal lung disease. After her passing, her large extended family wanted to celebrate her unique life with an elaborate funeral service. They chose to work with the funeral home staff to decorate the funeral venue with things she loved. Because she enjoyed fishing, a large floral arrangement in the shape of a fish was purchased. Also, the family bought a floral cross to illustrate her devotion to her faith. On this blog, you will discover how to work with a funeral home staff on decorations at the funeral service venue.