5 Key Considerations Before You Purchase A Headstone


Burying your loved one in the cemetery requires a kind of marker to show where your beloved is buried. This marker is known as a headstone. It is usually positioned at the head of the grave, and it contains the following details: name, birth date, death date, and sometimes an image or a message about the deceased.

However, before you shop for a suitable headstone, consider the following points.

Preferred Style

Before deciding on the style of the headstone you want to be placed on your beloved's grave, check the different styles available. They include; flat gravestone, monument, and bevel headstone. For instance, the flat type of headstone is laid flat, and the front part of the stone slightly angled back, making a wedge-like shape. On the other hand, the monument stands upright from the ground.

Different Features on the Headstone

Bronze and granite are common materials used to make headstones. They come in a variety of colors and shapes. For instance, granite headstone comes with the following colors: black, pink, gray, or brown. As for the forms, they come in a rectangular shape, like monument headstones, 

Other features may include engraving. You can decide to have a custom engraved grave marker with your preferred style and typefaces.

Where to Buy the Headstones

You can get headstones from the cemetery, funeral homes, or from a broker. However, it is essential to find out if the cemetery allows headstones from outside. Some may charge you an extra fee if you bring in a headstone bought somewhere else apart from the cemetery. Therefore, ensure you get these details before purchase.

Your Budget

The weight of the headstone matters a lot. The weight determines the monument's cost; the more significant the size, the more the price. However, the price usually includes the engraving or any other additional custom engraving, such as an image you may require added on the headstone.

Cemetery Regulations

Before shopping for a headstone, find out the cemetery's requirements. Cemeteries have different regulations that they expect you to adhere to regarding the type, size, style, or even features of headstone they allow. Additionally, many cemeteries have their supplier that they need you to buy from. So ensure you get all these details before purchasing a headstone.

Final Thought

When buying a headstone, follow these suggestions to help you make your decisions. 

For more information, contact a local business that provides headstones.


10 June 2021

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