Understanding Direct Cremation


When you first look at cremation as an option, you will notice several types. One of the the least expensive types is direct cremation. Direct options are generally the first discussion topic during pre-planning steps if cremating is a consideration. The problem is, many people do not understand what the difference is between direct and other methods. Before you make a final choice, here are a few things to help with understanding this option and what you should know.

Crematorium Services

One of the first things to know about having a direct cremation is the use of crematorium services instead of funeral home services. In many cases, you will find that since you are using cremation you will not need to contact the funeral home since you are going through a crematorium instead. This means you are dealing with the crematorium directly and their pricing rather than the pricing of both a funeral home and the crematorium. All of your services are included in one bill with one planning feature. Keep in mind, direct services will not include many options since the main purpose is to provide a quick cremation and lower cost service for end-of-life planning.

Cremation Container

Part of the cremation pre-planning process is to choose the type of casket for the service. This is usually a simple pine casket or other similar style. This step in the process adds to the overall cost of the service. When you choose a direct cremation, there is no casket. Instead, the body is placed in a simple container that is used for the cremation service. The fee for this is generally included in the pre-planning. This also means that you will not have a funeral service directly before the cremation. 

Memorial Services

Many people who are looking to direct cremation as an option may wonder about memorial services. As previously stated, direct cremation means the body is cremated immediately following death. Memorial services are not part of this process. Instead, you will likely need to plan for a memorial service to be held at a family home or gathering where the cremation remains will be present in an urn or memorial option of your choice. 

If you believe that a direct cremation may be the ideal choice for you, contact a cremation service provider like Morris Nilsen Funeral Chapel. They can help you with pre-planning, pricing, and additional features of your pre-planning. They can also answer any questions you have regarding the process, finances, or other topics relating to the service.


21 May 2020

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