Hosting A Funeral With Ease


If you are in the position of hosting a funeral, you may be looking for ways to streamline the hosting process so that you can properly grieve your loved one. Here are some ways to make funeral planning easier.

Get a Good Funeral Director

A funeral director is there to make the process much easier for your family. If you enlist a good funeral director, they can take charge of almost all of the logistics. They may present you with some remade funeral ceremony packages, depending on your budget. They can also help people plan out the hosting aspects such as catering, transportation, and programming. A funeral director is a great resource to turn to when you have lots of questions to ask about the funeral process as well.

Ask Friends and Family to Help

You may also get some friends and family to help with your funeral planning at a lower cost. For instance, one family member could be in charge of the decorations. Another one could plan out the menu for your funeral reception. This way, the planning doesn't all have to fall on one part of the family.

Make Time for Communication

Planning a funeral can be overwhelming as you have to deal with many calls to florists and relatives. You might want to set aside some specific hours where you're up for answering phone calls and running errands. This will help you to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the many calls that you may receive during this time. Your funeral home might take on some of the work of informing friends and relatives about funeral details.

Create an Excellent Program

Another thing that will help to curb the number of fires you have to put out is planning a good program. If it's all written down, you will get fewer questions about the agenda and schedule. You may want to anticipate questions that you will be asked and create an FAQ within the program. Your funeral director can help you put together a great program that includes all of the information that guests are likely to ask.

Go Easy On Yourself

Finally, it's important to remember that you get some slack during this difficult funeral planning period. You may want to host the best funeral possible to honor your loved one. But don't forget that it's okay to rely on the support of others and to have off moments during this time.


2 March 2017

Decorating a Funeral Venue

My beloved paternal grandmother passed away almost 4 years ago. Before her death, this special woman suffered many months due to a fatal lung disease. After her passing, her large extended family wanted to celebrate her unique life with an elaborate funeral service. They chose to work with the funeral home staff to decorate the funeral venue with things she loved. Because she enjoyed fishing, a large floral arrangement in the shape of a fish was purchased. Also, the family bought a floral cross to illustrate her devotion to her faith. On this blog, you will discover how to work with a funeral home staff on decorations at the funeral service venue.